Digital marketing can be an effective tool to grow your small business. When businesses are looking for more sales, they can achieve business growth using digital marketing. Adopt these strategies to fuel your online marketing efforts:

  1. Post rich, relevant, problem-solving content: The best strategy for effective content is to create informative and exciting blogs and social media posts. This will encourage your readers to share your content with others. Sharing great content makes your engaged audience look good, too. Be altruistic by giving away some industry knowledge or expert advice in your content. The altruistic method helps establish trust with your audience and showcase your expertise.
  2. Leverage the power of webinars: The digital seminar is an ideal format to broadcast more complex information about your business, services, and products or conduct product demos. You can also take questions for a truly immersive experience. Set up a free webinar event via the user-friendly Google Hangouts on Air with YouTube Live, where the tool guides you through setup and scheduling. 
  3. Refine email campaigns and ads with A/B testing: Find out what works–and then learn what works better. Test different subject lines, call-to-action buttons and more. Data-driven campaigns far outperform those not using testing. You’re spending money to get more clients and grow your business, through market testing your message, you’ll make sure to generate the results you want.
  4. Marshall social proof: Reviews, referrals, testimonials, and recommendations are incredibly powerful, and seen as advice from trusted friends. Actively seek and ask for this type of feedback throughout your interactions with your prospects and clients.
  5. Concentrate on conversions: Design your website with simple navigation and include targeted landing pages, with specific calls-to-action, to draw in and direct your audience. This content should lead them (as directly as possible) toward a sale. Set up a nurturing program to keep and grow the interest of visitors not yet ready to buy. 
  6. Gather and segment your email lists: The better able you are to hone in on the specific needs of unique audiences, the greater return you’ll see with your marketing investment. Tailor your messages and segment mailing lists to increase attention and response through email.
  7. Fully leverage social media: Use Social Media Marketing to run campaigns, communicate with your audience, get ideas for new products or feature refinements, and track the success of your efforts through each platform’s analytics. Modern marketers, business owners, and customers don’t use social media only for announcements. Ask questions and interact with followers. Check analytics and trends to see what’s working well and for future content ideas. Social media can be a strong component of customer relationships.
  8. Audit SEO: You’ve likely been using relevant keywords to draw the right kind of traffic from search engines. Add new or trending terms as they become popular in your industry, and mention the local communities you serve (and/or create content tailored to them) for effective inbound marketing.

We hope these simple tips have been helpful. You can improve your strategy to jump-start business growth using digital marketing. At Coherence Strategy Group, we believe taking a systematic, strategic, and integrated approach to your marketing efforts generates the best return on the money you invest. These tips help you start that process, and will set you up for success. Happy Marketing!