It’s true. Every business needs to be found. And you want yours to not just be found, but understood, liked and your business proposition acted-on. A key answer in today’s digital world is blogging. But, with thousands of searches occurring on Google every second, you don’t want mistakes to throw your potential customers “off the bus.”

Why Is This Important to Your Business?

Simply because blogging:

  • Educates your target audience and builds trust by providing important information that helps solve customer problems.
  • Brings in the quality visitors that you want—the ones looking for your business, and thereby connects your business with your visitors.
  • Enables and encourages inbound links, which increases the level of authority important to Google Search.
  • Enhances your work with social media.
  • Increases search quality.

Avoid These 9 Common Blogging Mistakes

  1. Poor writing is the great killer of effective blogging. Make sure that you:
  2. Create titles that will capture interest and that are very focused on the key messages of your content.
  3. Identify and understand your target customer so that the copy you write will be interesting to them and not sound robotic. Use short paragraphs and section headers to lead the reader smoothly thru the copy.
  4. Longer length is imperative, but don’t simply multiply words.
  5. Make sure to use the correct (and targeted) keywords in your content.
  6. Infrequent or inconsistent content are both interest killers. Create a frequent schedule that you can deliver and stick to it.
  7. Overcome blandness by using interesting and relevant images.
  8. Don’t forget to use internal and external links to deepen your content’s value and increase SEO power.
  9. Not installing Google Analytics and using the data is like flying blind with your blogging.

Don’t Think You Can Do It All Yourself

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