People may often think of a “brand” as the logo on a package, the name commonly used in advertising or even as the sign on a building, but it is much more than those. A brand is really the total of all that a company stands for. Brand management is the process of defining and connecting all aspects of your unique identity in a way that achieves customer visibility, understanding, and trust. And, it allows the company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

What a Strong Brand Achieves

Brand management defines, positions and helps consistently deliver the elements of a brand so that the brand:

  • Becomes distinctive, providing products or services different from the competition.
  • Identifies the things that customers can only get from your brand.
  • Creates instant recognition of your business for employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Provokes a recognition of your reputation. Reduces risk. Instils trust.
  • Creates reliable and consistent expectations.
  • Builds long-term value and business endurance.

The Four Steps of Strategic Brand Management

The process of brand management requires advanced planning. Great brands don’t just ‘happen.’ The following steps can result in the maximum long-term effect:

  • Brand positioning. Decide what the brand represents and determine the position that the brand will achieve in the marketplace. Identify points of difference versus competitors.
  • Brand marketing. Select and develop brand elements that communicate your positioning: logos, colors, slogans, packaging, etc. This includes all the marketing initiatives that will communicate your brand to potential customers.
  • Brand performance analysis. Continually audit your brand’s performance in the marketplace.
  • Brand value. Build brand value over time with constant improvements.

Key Principles

Utilize these key brand management principles to achieve a strong brand.

  • Be consistent
  • Shape your brand with your employees
  • Be relevant
  • Make business choices consistent with your brand direction

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