We all know that Facebook is a great place to play and show off your life, whether it’s to share family photos or your last meal or to tell followers about your activities

You may also have heard that it’s a good way to promote your business, so go ahead and create that profile to tell the world about your team and what you offer.

As Facebook has grown, the available tools for Facebook marketing have also grown. Today, business accounts can learn who is visiting their page and target certain users who they hope will represent their ideal customer base.

A smart Facebook marketing strategy can include a customer service function by being responsive to any questions, compliments or complaints posted to your page.

Traditional responses like saying “Thanks, we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours” aren’t good enough – today’s employees need to answer as fast as possible, and even an hour’s wait might feel too long for those with a burning question or unhappiness in their heart.

So a big part of Facebook marketing means always having someone monitoring your page and being available to respond. This may include having some discussions play out in public, which means your employees need to always be polite and courteous, no matter how angry the customer seems to be.

Another tool that can assist with Facebook marketing is the chat service. Facebook Messenger allows people or business accounts to exchange private messages with others. Not only does this provide individual attention to people and let them know someone is eager to help them, but it also does so outside of the public spotlight – think of it as a side conversation at a party, where all the guests don’t need to hear the sometimes messy details.

In the future, Facebook plans to expand on this ability by helping businesses manage their ads on other services it owns such as WhatsApp and Instagram. These interactions can be helpful for business as well as secure and a good way to reach a larger audience.

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