A few years ago, generating leads through social media marketing was a very commonly used strategy, but then many marketers dropped the practice when they saw their numbers dwindle because that marked a major decrease in ROI. However, there are still some good practices you can use to generate leads through social media marketing if you pick your spots and use the right tactics.

Have a Photo Contest

Just what it sounds like, running a photo contest encourages participants to submit their photos under the guidelines for the contest, so they can be entered to win a grand prize. The real appeal of running a photo contest is that participants have the opportunity to be really creative, and to contribute to a brand they appreciate. Regardless of whether or not they win the contest, they enjoy the involvement and the fun they have creating just the right photos.

Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets achieve the most conversions when they’re paired with a dedicated landing page since there is a single conversion goal in the situation. Any visitor to your site who clicks through to download your free e-book will only have two options, which are either to bounce or to convert. This, in fact, is the main social media marketing advantage of using a landing page in the first place, because they eliminate all other distractions except to focus your visitors on conversion. Promoting a lead magnet can be done either organically or via a paid promotion. If you can send all of your social media traffic to a dedicated landing page, you will undoubtedly experience a higher number of leads and conversions.

Run a Sweepstakes

As opposed to running a photo contest, organizing social sweepstakes is a good option. Find yourself a highly desirable grand prize, create a good landing page so that all entries can be accepted, and then pick your sweepstakes winner. If you can come up with a grand prize that a great number of people would love to have, you can expect that a good number of these people will click on the link which directs them to your landing page, and presto – your social media marketing will have landed you another lead or conversion.