As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to accomplish a lot with a small staff. Luckily, you have other allies to help grow your business. Here’s how you can put your current leads and customers to work for you, using email marketing to gain referred leads.

With the right approach, you can empower the people on your email list to generate new leads for your business. Do this by suggesting that they share your emailed offer (or promo discount, or premium content) with their friends and colleagues. Provided that your email contains a compelling offer or valuable content, the email recipients have a strong motivation to help bring in new leads by forwarding the offer.

How to Turn Your Leads into New Referrals

To get your current leads to refer new leads, make it simple for them. Do this by providing a prominent share button with a convincing, to-the-point CTA and a mail:to link. (This type of link or button, when clicked, pops up an email compose window. Your lead can immediately use the window to write a personal email introducing (and passing along) your offer and/or marketing message.

Where to Use Lead Generating Share Buttons in Your Email Marketing

Include share buttons or links (with your motivational CTA or request) in multiple types of email communications, including your: 

  • A confirmation email and your website’s sign-up Thank You page
  • Auto-response emails or email follow-ups 
  • Future campaign emails

How Shared Emails Demonstrate Social Proof

This sharing and referral email tactic works well because the email comes with a form of social proof, telling the new recipient (new lead) that someone they trust (your exiting customer/lead) uses your service, product or discount offer.

Email commands attention when it contains a relevant, attractive offer or amazing content. When the email is shared and forwarded, the recipient (the referring lead) enjoys the prestige of sharing the terrific offer (or piece of content) with a colleague. You gain a new lead and it’s a win-win.

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