A few generations ago, job seekers looked at want ads in the paper and dropped off a resume, hoping for a phone call or a written response in the mail. They didn’t always know all the details about a company, so this often required a trip to the library for additional research.

Today much of this hiring process is automated, and many human resources departments have begun to look into more options for candidates who expect to do all of their initial interactions via email or the Internet.

But as with any evolving technology, more can always be done to integrate more digital options into the human resources process. Doing so shows job-seekers that a company is interested in the latest methods of recruiting, and it also helps companies appeal to candidates familiar with these newer methods of interactions.

If your human resource department wants to integrate more digital options, consider some of these suggestions:

  • Promote working at your company on social media. The official company account can be created by others in your organization, but the HR team can focus on the employment side. This can include posting open positions plus upcoming events like job fairs, which can both show some of the touches
  • Present yourself as an authority. This can include posting files on LinkedIn or similar forums. This shows that you not only do good things for your local community but interested in the future of your industry. It’s also written in a form that’s easy for others to share.
  • Clean up the official site. Candidates likely are going to check out a possible employer’s site for background material. So make sure it looks presentable, including what keywords people potentially use to search for the company.
  • Advertise. It may feel a little unusual for someone who hasn’t advertised much or at all to explore ways to do so. But types of digital ads can target certain audience members with ads. They need room to expand and grow. The potential candidates also may want to learn more.

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