If you’re trying to reach more customers on Instagram, congratulations!

The social media channel is a fine place to be, with more of a visual focus and less of a “wordy” focus than Facebook, its parent company.

It’s a place where members can show off their life in either a series of static images or a ‘stories’ showing quick video loops. While you can “like” someone’s posts, that’s the only allowed emotion, unlike Facebook that has a wider range of expressions.

Instagram also offers members a selection of editing tools and filters, so your photos can look even more high quality and memorable.

And, more and more, Instagram is becoming a great place for businesses to get the word out and let people know about their brand and hopefully get them excited enough to buy.

It’s a place where you don’t have to describe as much as you should show whatever product or service you have to offer, perhaps with people enjoying themselves.

Try some of these other strategies that your business can use to build loyalty, traffic and hopefully sales.

Cross-promote. This means if you put a post on Instagram, consider duplicating it on another channel. Or do the opposite – create a post on another site and bring it to Instagram. This is good news either way – it can reach people who aren’t one or the other, and for those who are both, it can reinforce a message.

Use hashtags. Yes, Facebook and Twitter use these #characters as a way to summarize your post topic and encourage viewers to learn and discuss more. But Instagram makes it easy to use multiple tags on every post without being distracting. You can even come with special tags for special occasions.

Converse with others. Part of being a good social media citizen is engaging with other users. You don’t have to have deep conversations with people. Even just a simple ‘like’ and a quick comment on their post can make people excited especially if they are already fans of you and your brand.

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