If you implement content marketing of any sort, you probably understand how important it is to draw traffic to your web pages. While maintaining a steady stream of content is certainly vital to attracting leads and increasing conversions, that content does not always need to be completely new. Read on for ways to update your content without starting from scratch, so your web pages may ultimately sustain more views overall.

Conserving Resources

By repurposing your existing content, you may accomplish a variety of objectives. At the same time, you can conserve your resources instead of expending them unnecessarily. Instead of spending time thinking of new topics for blog posts, try expanding on the ones you’ve already published. You might devote an additional 30 minutes to adding on to a current post, as opposed to several hours carefully crafting an entirely new article. This will help you to save time that may be dedicated elsewhere in your content marketing. If you outsource much of your content, adding to your current posts could also aid in getting the most from your marketing budget.

Changing Formats

A great way to give new life to old posts is to change their format. If a particular post was highly successful in attracting visitors to your pages, you can refashion it into a new form. You might use the contents of the post to make an infographic, a podcast, or a video, and you can also create tweets that lead followers to your refurbished material. Doing this could have a two-pronged effect in that it may draw new traffic, as well as keep your current followers interested and engaged.

Using Analytics

Don’t make the mistake of repurposing material that wasn’t successful the first time. No matter how proud you may be of an article you wrote based on passion and research, it shouldn’t be the focus of your refurbished material if it drew very little traffic overall. Use a tool like Google Analytics to assess what content has worked well in terms of views. Then, focus on expanding your most highly viewed posts by improving their readability, expanding the content where applicable, and updating links that have become obsolete.

Content marketing can be exciting, especially when you are able to make use of the tools right in front of you. When you renew old material, you may create new content that inspires your followers. This is a proven strategy for content creation that doesn’t greatly consume resources, and it may produce compelling new material that broadens your audience.