Social media marketing never stands still. The constantly shifting social network landscape requires constant re-evaluation, refinement and course adjustment to remain successful. Follow our tips to continually optimize your social media for maximum relevance and impact.

How to Maintain Mastery of Social Media

Focus on the following elements for a sharp, successful social media strategy: 

  • Evaluate all your activity: Use all available data, and analytics reporting, from each social media platform (and each campaign type that you run) to measure the true ROI that you’re gaining from each activity on each channel. Make sure you’re doing more of what works and sidelining what isn’t building and growing your brand. Use online analytics and tracking tools to help you understand more about your social media marketing performance, your competitors’ tactics and successes/failures, your prospect and current customer behavior, your brand reputation (by tracking mentions), your audience interest trends, and much more.
  • Be picky about platform selection: Not all social media channels will work for your company and brand. Don’t exhaust yourself (wasting time and energy) struggling to maintain a presence on all networks. Concentrate on highly relevant platforms, the ones your audience uses most. Think about your key personas and demographics, and target social media that make the most sense for your industry and your audience’s interests, age, and other defining characteristics.
  • Use paid social media advertising: Using SEO and other tactics for growth is still crucial, but you can’t depend upon organic traffic alone. Target your ad dollars wisely—it’s easier now than ever to reach the right prospects with Facebook ads (for example) using the platform’s wealth of big data.
  • Partner with relevant influencers for marketing: An individual with millions of fans and followers probably won’t be hyper-relevant to your prospect demographics. Make your focus ever sharper and choose influencers that have the right loyal followers, not necessarily the most followers. Associate yourself with influencer brands that seem a natural fit, not forced or fake.

The more relevant your social media marketing, advertising, and communication are, the more trusted your brand will become. Say the wrong thing, use the wrong tactic, or hire the wrong influencer–and your message won’t ring true. Be vigilant, using data to ensure you maintain credibility and build authentic (and valuable) customer relationships for business growth.

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