9 out of 10 strategy efforts fail to reach their goals.

A cornerstone of your company’s success is data-backed, organizationally aligned strategy. Finding your place in the market, aligning your operations around a few key goals, and simplifying processes are crucial to ensuring you not only stay at the top of your game, but also win in the marketplace. Focus is the theme in great strategy, and we help you find your unique position and opportunity. Then, we determine how best to align your team and goals to get there.

What Can Coherence Strategy Group Do For You?

Identifying strategic opportunities and formulating a plan to capture them requires a unique perspective. Often, that perspective comes better form an external partner equipped to see your organization with fresh eyes. Defining a path forward and clearly articulating and aligning organizational goals becomes imperative if you’re to capitalize on the advantages and opportunities you find. We help you drive your strategic process with simple, effective, and outcome-oriented tools.


Transformation Strategy

If you’re at an inflection point and needing to pivot or take a new direction, we help you find and pursue your new path.

Strategy Rollout

Intentionally package your strategy communications to ensure the message you’re sending is the one being received, whether you’re communicating to your team or external investors.

Startup or Launch Strategy

Unite your passion with a strong logistical plan and launch your new business to the tune of strong returns.

Organizational Readiness

Proactively understand your organization’s readiness for change, identify gaps, and implement a plan to resolve them now.

Organizational Goals & Alignment

Take a look at your strategy and goals and make sure your entire team, top to bottom, is aligned and rowing in the same direction.

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