Alignment is Key

Once you’ve reached the two pizza mark – when you have more people on your team than two pizzas can feed – it’s time to take a look at how you are aligning the group effort to meet strategic goals. When energized teams get excited about where the company is going, there’s often no shortage of goals and objectives within organizations. From individuals to teams, performance, development, and strategic objectives abound.  However, if the awesome team you’ve brought together has a chance at delivering on the vision that they’re excited about, alignment is a must. Research reveals that 95% of employees, on average, are unaware of or don’t understand their company’s strategy.

The Numbers Tell The Story

In organizations that combine excellence in tactical project management and alignment to strategy, teams succeed in delivering on strategy 90 percent of the time. Conversely, companies that neglect this important connection are successful in achieving their goals only 34% of the time.

What can Coherence Strategy Group do for you?

We can help you define and implement an action plan that surfaces goals across the team and aligns them to specific strategic initiatives that support your vision. Call today so we can put an alignment plan together that gets your team lined up and ready to roll.

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