If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It

These immortal words succinctly capture the beauty and value of data. Understanding your team’s current ability to absorb and adapt to change is based on an assessment of their perspectives, knowledge, capabilities, and engagement. People and companies change when they are ready to do so. If your organization isn’t ready, then the change you need or would like to see may struggle to take root and thrive. And, if you don’t understand where you and your teams are now in their relationship with change, you’ll be starting an uphill journey when change hits and you need to engage.

Understand Your Change Landscape

Take the opportunity before you are in the midst of a change initiative to prepare your team for change. A starting point for preparation is an assessment of organizational readiness that captures both qualitative and quantitative inputs to identify where your team is today in their ability to adapt.

As we partner with you to build organizational readiness into your organization, you’ll receive:

  • Data that provides an indicator of your team’s ability to identify, receive, and integrate change
  • Recommendations for developing your team’s change muscles, equipping them for the long haul
  • An understanding of the unique challenges you, as a leader, may face with your current team or organization as you consider introducing or implementing changes

What can Coherence Strategy do for you?

We can teach you how to be a champion at change. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it will come. Let’s talk today and discuss how we can best equip you to master the art of change.

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