Bring Your Vision to Life

Planning, processes, and people are the heart of business. Never is this more applicable than in a startup environment. Getting your business off the ground and successfully launched is a team effort, even for sole proprietors. When starting businesses, many founders realize they’ll need more than an awesome idea to launch. Ensuring you have legal, finance, marketing, strategy, and people (or human resources) support and input is crucial to set your business up for success.

Don’t Go it Alone

We’d love to leverage our expertise in Marketing, People, and Strategy to help you launch strong and well. And, if Capital is on your list of business needs, we can help there, too. When we work together to build and implement your launch strategy, you’ll receive:

  • A strategic plan that outlines each step you need to take from idea to grand opening, and beyond, if you’d like
  • A framework and planning system to map out your first 3 to 6 months,, keeping you on track and moving forward
  • An understanding of your growth plan, including when to hire (and when not to) and when to invest in more marketing to continue to grow

What can Coherence Strategy do for you?

We can help you launch successfully with a thoughtful and intentional plan, marking the key milestones you’ll need to bring your great idea to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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