Most inbound marketers would like to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Good SEO places content in front of potential customers, but great SEO involves understanding how to effectively incorporate meta tags into web pages.

What is a Meta Tag?

A meta tag is a snippet of the descriptive text inserted in a web page’s HTML code. Meta tags help search engines to identify and categorize pages correctly.

Four different kinds of meta tags are described below.

  • Canonical Tags – A single page with multiple URLs or different pages containing similar content will be “seen” by search engines as duplicate pages. A canonical tag tells search engines which is the master copy and which URL should appear in search results. For more information, click here
  • Meta Content Tags – A meta content tag should be included on all web pages. It specifies the media type and ensures that pages are displayed correctly on all browsers. Here’s an example of the code:  meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /
  • Robots Meta Tags – If a robot meta tag is not specified, search engines will obey the default index follow command. The default can be changed – for example: 
  • Noindex – The page will not be indexed.
    • Nofollow – The links from this page will not be followed.
    • Nosnippet – A text snippet or video preview won’t appear in search results.

Below is an example of a robots meta directive code. For more information, click here.

meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow” 

Title Tags

Title tags assist readers and search engines to understand the page content. They also ensure consistency across web pages, browsers, and social networks. If a title tag is not specified, Google will create one, but it won’t be a compelling, click-worthy title. Post this code into your HTML: 

title Example Title /title

Need Help with SEO and Meta Tags?

Especially if you’re not an expert programmer, you may find it difficult to know how to use meta tags to optimize your SEO. Coherence Strategy Group has SEO experts on hand to help you, so contact us today.