Every business owner must deal with two fundamental marketing questions. First, what marketing activities and tactics need to be implemented? Second, how to (who) will get the work done? The choice may not be easy. Do I do it all myself, one may ask? Can I spread marketing duties among other team members, who primarily are tasked with other roles? Do I hire an in-house marketing specialist (or team?) Or, do I hire a marketing agency?

Benefits of an In-House Marketer or Marketing Team

The following are considerations for the in-house approach:

  • A need for expert product knowledge, along with very close product integration into the rest of the business team. 
  • Critical access and involvement in the company’s culture. 
  • Close alignment with the company’s business practices, priorities, and schedules. 
  • The stage of the business. Is marketing a part-time need, a one-person job or do the marketing requirements dictate a bevy of experts and a batch of time?  

Benefits of a Marketing Agency

Choosing to hire a marketing agency offers these benefits:

  • A marketing agency offers a higher level of expertise than typically found in a small business. 
  • Because they work with multiple clients, agencies can offer broader perspectives as well as a more unbiased external view of business issues and opportunities. 
  • Hiring an agency may be able to save cost versus hiring a complete multiple person in-house team. 
  • A marketing agency can provide a stronger “bank” of creative skills as well as offering the ability to adapt to changing needs and priorities.  

Reasons to Choose a Marketing Agency

The choice is ultimately about two things: getting a stronger skill-set and broader resources plus getting the benefits of agency partnership. A “hybrid” concept, where there are an in-house marketing director and a full set of marketing agency resources can be an excellent blend.

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