It is sometimes difficult to evaluate the advantages derived from earned media placements, but by using some critical KPI’s, you should be able to tell how well these placements are doing, and what kind of benefits they are bringing you. 

Tracking Methods

Unique UTM codes can be used to track lead sources and traffic when they are associated with specific subject matter experts or influencers who have been featured in some content you have posted. This can help you determine which influencers are the most effective for your business, and what your audience thinks about these particular influencers.

The level of social media engagement from your target audience is another way you can tell how well some kind of earned media is producing results. When you get tons of likes and comments on some pieces of content, it’s a big clue about how popular it really is. Downloads and submissions of forms on your website is another way you can track how well a piece of media is doing, as is the number of times it is shared with others.

If you conduct webinars or stage online events, the number of participants is a good way to track how well-received the event is, and will show you what kind of reach was achieved. One last way of tracking the effectiveness of your earned media placements is through an analysis of your domain authority, or when you detect changes in your backlink profile.

Your domain authority is a score that tells how your site is ranked by the search engines and will tell you how many visitors are coming to your website, and that makes it an important indicator of your site success. Building up your backlink profile is achieved by getting your site’s URL listed on another page which has a high domain authority score. So any positive changes to your backlink profile will mean that your site should be getting more popular, in terms of earned media placements.