What does content marketing have to do with SEO? Let’s start with a simple premise. An enterprise that wants to thrive in the public square cannot be invisible. In other words, an enterprise must be found and then understood in order to be accessed.

In days of old, it was simple to be discovered. Someone built a “brick and mortar” location, took out an ad and watched transactions take place. In today’s digital world, effective search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to secure an online presence so seekers “pull off the invisibility cloak” and find you.

Strong Content Marketing is King

After two decades of evolving SEO practices, it is now clear that successful SEO is largely dependent on strong content. Strong content marketing gives more opportunities for effective SEO strategies to be used for any website. Useful content will draw in an audience because they are looking for an expert to teach them.

What is Strong Content Marketing?

Strong content is a reflection that the enterprise in question knows their audience. It is important to provide what they want and what will interest or motivate them. Second, that the content is relevant to their interests and provides quality information. With strong content, SEO does its work to make you visible.

Marketing Success is Closely Linked to a Solid SEO Strategy

Consider these tips:

  • Make sure that your SEO goals are in good alignment with your business goals. 
  • Carefully define your target audience. 
  • Determine the personality of your brand and stay consistent in your SEO actions and content writing. 
  • Create a plan to guide content development. 
  • Design a content execution schedule. One that is consistently delivered.

What Makes Strong Content?

Ask yourself these questions as you develop content—addressing these elements will result in strong content:

  • Is it relevant and useful to my target audience? 
  • Does it provide solid, interesting, useful information? (Fluff and irrelevant ‘stuff’ will be quickly disregarded and will hurt your efforts.) 
  • Does it use the right keywords, applied carefully throughout the content? 
  • Is it internally consistent? 
  • Is it motivating?

When reviewing the success of SEO and content marketing, you should research the consistency of these principles.

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