The world of social media is ever-changing and ever-evolving. There’s been a push in the last year or so of marketers towards paid social media. Did you know that 68% of marketers were planning on spending more on social media ads in 2019 than in 2018? So, where does this leave organic social media? Don’t forget about it, as a solid organic social base is still imperative. Check out why organic social media marketing should still be a major tool in your online marketing tool chest.

1. You Can Get High SERPs

When you establish organic social pages, you get a better presence on that respective social platform, but you can also grab more space on search engine results pages.

2. Private Groups Are on the Rise

Consumer trust has taken a beating over the last few years in terms of social media networks, between security breaches and Congressional hearings. The public is, understandably, skittish about what they’re viewing on social sites. Thus, many brands have begun to create private groups and accounts. When a company invites followers into that inner sanctum, they know they’re special.

3. Live Content and Stories are Important

The promise and excitement of video are here to stay, as it’s been proven to be the preferred way consumers want to get information, specifically, the ability to include live content on social media platforms. For instance, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories connect your brand with followers in a way you just can’t with a paid video ad.

4. It Gives Reviewers a Home Base

If you don’t have an organic presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram, people won’t be sure where to go to share their thoughts on your company. Plus, the only thing that’s worse than a negative review is no review at all.

Note: Paid Social Still Matters

There are still many benefits to having a strong paid social media approach. First, it allows you to reach new audiences, backed by the flexibility to create a variety of ads, from videos to photos to text-based. Second, you can put them anywhere you want, from viewers’ news feeds to banners on videos, etc.

Social platforms understand their users best and callow marketers to point their ad spend toward the right audience. If you have a business account, you can better boost organic content, which means your organic content will get more mileage as a result.

Bottom line is, a smart organic approach is still a vital part of any modern social media strategy.