Effective marketing is, almost by definition, personal. Modern consumers rarely respond to the generic. That’s because, with today’s technology for personalization and data analytics, customer expectations have been raised. Email segmentation (dividing your email list into groups with similar characteristics) enables higher levels of personalization.

Benefits of targeted emails include:

  • Segmentation commands attention in a crowded email box. Human nature dictates that people pay more attention to messages directed at them and their interests. If you don’t bother to do so, customers may see you as uncaring, compared to competitors, who are using personalization.
  • Segmentation allows you to speak directly to each specific audience. Direct communication, tailored to your audience, builds trust. For each persona (or ideal customer demographic), create content relevant to their interests and needs. Don’t water down your message, attempting to make one size fit everyone.
  • Segmentation builds closer customer relationships. Selling these days is all about relationships. Consumers want to feel that you “speak their language” in order to become comfortable with, and trust, your brand. As the relationship grows, prospects begin to see you as an expert and a valuable expert resource.
  • Segmentation helps you nurture each segmented group toward a sale. With a good CRM (customer relationship management) system, you capture all the details about each customer’s (or website visitor’s) experience with your company. Gradually, your problem-solving, expert emails (and other content), tailored to specific interests and pain points, can transform casual interest into preference. Soon your brand preference turns into a sale. Then, emails targeting existing customer segments help you retain business–and gain repeat sales.
  • Segmentation allows experimentation and tracking. Learn what works, and what needs improvement, by tracing the response to your email messages from your segmented list.

A personalized email is extremely effective, and it’s expected by today’s consumer. Contact Coherence Strategy Group for email segmentation expertise and marketing strategies designed to fuel your business growth.