Although just a handful of years can separate the youngest millennials and the oldest members of Generation Z, it turns out that their tastes can be starkly different. That is to say, insofar as marketing is concerned, different techniques resonate with the two groups. As a marketer, then, you will need to know whether to fashion your program around Facebook (Millennials) or around TikTok (Generation Z).

Making a Distinction Between Them

Not only is it to important to differentiate for marketing’s sake, but, frankly, Millennials tend to have more money than Gen Z – the former is, after all, post-collegiate level adults who are in the job market. In the following, we take a quick look at some of the differences between the two, which will influence how you market to them.

Generation Z = Mobile

Basically, this means that Gen Z makes most of its purchases using an assortment of mobile devices. You may be thinking “so do millennials”; so let’s run the numbers: Gen Z spends an average of 10 hours web-surfing on smartphones or tablets, whereas millennials spend 7.5 hours.

They Use Tech Differently

Just think about the age groups; millennials were past their childhoods when the tech revolution began – whereas Generation Z got to know it from their inception. Gen Z, still being very young adults or teens, are much more prone to social influence than millennials. However, the stats may throw you a curve-ball: Gen Z seems to make more practical purchases than Millennials, given that the younger group grew up at the end of a recession.

Social Media Habits

Although both groups are online for similar amounts of time (Gen Z has a slight edge of fewer than 20 minutes), they use markedly different platforms – as mentioned above. Thus, you may need a two-tiered marketing program if you wish to reach both groups. For Millennials, think Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; for Gen Z, think Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

The above barely scratches the surface  but it shows you’ll need a robust understanding of the marketing marketplace to make  big dent with your promotion program. Let the experts at Coherence Strategy Group guide your way; contact us today.